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4:00 am on Monday August 8, 2011

Mobile speeds to increase in Myrtle Beach area

Flickr user Dell's Official Flickr Page The Myrtle Beach area always seems to suffer when it comes to having the latest and greatest in internet speeds and technology.  Saturday August 6, The Sun News published a write-up about wireless speeds and...
6:07 am on Wednesday June 8, 2011

Can you hear me now? NMB ditches water towers for cell towers

Flickr user dj @ oxherder arts Improved cellular coverage in North Myrtle Beach will soon be a reality as the city OK'd the demolition of two water towers to make room for cellular towers.  Because of the third and newest North Myrtle Beach water...
4:42 am on Tuesday March 1, 2011

After tossing chair through window, police officer fired (update: North Charleston promises follow up)

Image by Flickr user massdistraction Not the phone in question, but you get the idea.Update March 1: In the wake of the recent string of incidents, North Charleston Police Chief Jon Zumalt is promising an investigation. The Post and Courier has a...
2:04 am on Monday November 17, 2008

SunCom is now T-Mobile

Image by 20081117-suncom.jpg It's perhaps not best to over analyze what this image might be saying of how the same girl with a new name is more attractive. File this one under "If you care you probably already know," but SunCom's takeover is now...