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5:06 am on Sunday November 15, 2009

Beyond the headlines in Walterboro's gun deaths

Image by Flickr user [ henning ] Image by 20091115-flowers.jpg If you've been following the latest in tragic violence to hit rural Walterboro, then consider giving The Post and Courier's latest piece a read. The paper goes beyond the shock of...
12:06 pm on Saturday October 17, 2009

Myrtle Beach high schooler dead after being shot 5 times by school cop

A 16-year-old teen is dead after an early-Friday altercation behind closed doors at a Myrtle Beach-area school in which a teen was shot 5 times and and officer stabbed. Details are scarce and speculation is high, for rather obvious reasons. The...
12:36 am on Saturday October 17, 2009

Run over dog lands one man in jail and other in the hospital (updated x2)

Updates at the bottom. A dog is in an emergency clinic after being hit by a truck, then, in an attempt to put him out of his misery, was attacked with a machete and hammer. The story takes a turn for the worse at this point, so hop over to the...
2:59 am on Wednesday February 4, 2009

A case to control 'military-style' rifles

Image by Flickr user Soulrider222 Image by 20090203-bullets.jpg The Post and Courier's Glenn Smith writes about the need for South Carolina to enact laws that provide specific penalties for convicted criminals found with "military-style" guns. The...
7:11 am on Tuesday June 17, 2008

Armed robberies on the rise

This year has seen a rise in armed robberies in Charleston County, and those robberies have become more violent, according to officials. So far, this year has seen 15 more armed robberies than at the same time last year, the Charleston County...
6:26 pm on Sunday May 18, 2008

Attacks against Hispanics a growing issue

In a news feature on the issue of crime against Hispanics, The Post and Courier shares the story of Marcelino Eugenio Garcia, who was shot multiple times and left for dead in a May 2006 robbery near his home in North Charleston. But that was just...