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8:21 am on Tuesday September 3, 2013

Coyotes are on the rise across the state, but worries may be down

Coyotes first appeared in South Carolina in 1978 and can now be found in every county even though the state has taken to a war on the invasive animal and ferral hogs, The Post and Courier writes that perhaps the coyote can be lived with. Take a read...
3:01 am on Tuesday January 15, 2013

Problems with wild hogs in the Lowcountry return with a string of West Ashley incidents

Image by Flickr user Photomatt28Wild hogs are back in the local discussion pool after several incidents in a West Ashley neighborhood off Bees Ferry Road. Yards have been torn up at night and at least one resident trapped in his car while he waited...
5:30 am on Monday February 15, 2010

The Palmetto State's feral pig problem

Image by Flickr user guppiecatThe Palmetto State is home to the nation's sixth-largest population of wild hogs, many of which are hybrids of domestic pigs released into the wild and Eurasian wild boars released by hunters in the early 1900s. The...